• David Ashby
    Managing Director & Head Coach
    Qualified Coach (Level 3)
    Handicap: 3 (Arena 5)

    David’s polo journey is very similar to many of the English professionals. Starting out from a very young age in the Pony Club then progressing up the ranks to SUPA polo where he played for Stowe School. After leaving school David turned professional and started wintering in Argentina working on a polo farm, playing, coaching and hosting clients.

    The English summer seasons saw David’s professional career take shape. He has played all over the country at all levels up to 15 goal. After being based in Berkshire for three years, David returned to his childhood club Kirtlington Park Polo Club and founded Oxford Polo in 2011. David is passionate about polo and aims to unearth talent from all age groups, spread polo far and wide and raise the standards of the sport. David now sits on HPA’s Handicap Committee and the Development and Coaching Committee

  • Dr. Clare Ashby
    Handicap: -1 (Arena 0)

    Clare works mainly behind the scenes at Oxford Polo whilst juggling a career as a doctor and being mother of her and David’s three children. Having started polo in the pony club and growing up on neighbouring land to KPPC, polo has been a major part of her childhood. Nowadays she plays when she can and is often on hand for instructional chukkas.

  • Hector Worsley
    Polo Manager & Coach
    Qualified Coach (Level 3)
    Handicap: 3 (Arena 4)

    It is fair to say that Hector is a natural horseman, since childhood he has been a keen rider covering a wide variety of equine disciplines. His polo career took off in 2007 with his local pony club and went from strength to strength. He subsequently played for Stowe School, then at Kirtlington Park Polo Club. His love for polo has led him to play successfully in the UK, China and Australia. Hectors hard working determined attitude and natural affinity with horses has led to him managing Oxford Polo.

  • Fleur Worsley
    Office Manager

    Although not a polo player herself Fleur has a keen interest in the care and management side of the horses and has groomed for professionals from England to Australia. Fleur is based mainly in the office but can often be seen on the sidelines giving a helping hand wherever needed. When not at work she can be found whizzing around a point to point course or on the hunting field.

  • Gonzalo Lopez
    Polo Groom

    Gonzalo is now in his twelfth season with David and Oxford Polo. Gonzalo is from Trenque Lauquen Argentina and is hugely experienced in polo and how to prepare horses for elite polo competition. Gonzalo will be solely working for the Snake Bite 15 goal team this season. He has worked around the globe for some of the worlds best players including Paco de Narvaez and Pite Merlos. Away from polo Gonzalo can always be found serving the maté and playing truco.

  • Kevin Kuhn
    Polo Groom

    Kevin is hoping to return to Oxford Polo for his fifth season.

    Kevin is Gonzalo’s nephew and protégé. Kevin is from the Pampa in Argentina and has a very bright future in polo. Kevin is a fanatical River Plate fan and better than Wikipedia for football knowledge.

  • Sambulo Mangena
    Polo Groom

    Sam has travelled to be with us in Oxford from his home country of Zimbabwe for the past six summer seasons he has become an integral part of the Oxford Polo Team. Sam has worked in polo for many years both in Zimbabwe and South Africa and has gained great knowledge for horse care and management.

  • James Hiatt

    A great guy to have around and excellent with the horses. Shoeing horses in fundamental to horses soundness and performance. James knows all of our horses and shoes them to their specific needs. James can be found on the yard every Tuesday. If not underneath a horse he is on top of one tearing around he hunting field or in the Alps skiing. Coffee: white 1 sugar, every 15 minutes!

  • Trust Mangena
    Polo Groom

    Trust, Sambulo’s younger brother started at Oxford Polo in March 2016 and has returned every year since.