• David Ashby
    Managing Director & Head Coach
    Qualified Instructor
    Outdoor 3 Indoor 5

    David’s polo journey is very similar to many of the English professionals. Starting out from a very young age in the Pony Club then progressing up the ranks to SUPA polo where he played for Stowe School. After leaving school David turned professional and started wintering in Argentina working on a polo farm, playing, coaching and hosting clients.

    The English summer seasons saw David’s professional career take shape. He has played all over the country at all levels up to 15 goal. After being based in Berkshire with ex England Captain and Old Stoic Andrew Hine, David returned to his childhood club Kirtlington Park Polo Club and founded Oxford Polo in 2011. David is passionate about polo and aims to unearth talent from all age groups.

  • Clare Ashby
    Outdoor -1 Indoor 0

    Clare works mainly behind the scenes at Oxford Polo whilst juggling a career as a doctor and being mother of her and David’s two young daughters. Clare is responsible for hospitality and the finer touches whilst being on hand for any medical advice. Having started polo in the pony club and growing up on neighbouring land to KPPC, polo has been a major part of her childhood. Nowadays she plays when she can and is often on hand for instructional chukkas and schooling some ponies.

  • John Martin
    Outdoor 2 Indoor 3

    John is as local as you can get. John starting playing in the pony club with the Bicester Hunt and has been a member of Kirtlington for years. John turned professional after leaving school and spent his winters in New Zealand building a top quality string of horses. Year by year he has flown these horses home to mount himself to the highest level. John has played all over the world at all levels including the English and New Zealand high goal.

  • Dan Banks

    Dan has been teaching polo for the last 20 years! He started playing polo in his late teens and immediately found he had an ability to pass on his knowledge of the game to others! He’s spent the last 18 years at Longdole Polo Club in Gloucestershire in the role as head coach, teaching all ages of people from the age of 6 to 70 to ride and play polo.

    Specialising in team coaching he’s taken some of his school, university and pony club teams on to national success. His belief is, he can teach anyone to play, even if they’ve never sat on a horse before! He has a very flexible teaching method and will always make your lesson bespoke to your personal needs!

  • Gonzalo Lopez
    Elite Horse Trainer

    Gonzalo is now in his eleventh season with David and Oxford Polo. Gonzalo is from Trenque Lauquen Argentina and is hugely experienced in polo and how to prepare horses for elite polo competition. Gonzalo will be solely working for the Snake Bite 15 goal team this season. He has worked around the globe for some of the worlds best players including Paco de Narvaez and Pite Merlos. Away from polo Gonzalo can always be found serving the maté and playing truco.

  • Kevin Kuhn
    Horse Trainer

    Kevin is hoping to return to Oxford Polo for his third season.

    Kevin is Gonzalo’s nephew and protégé. Kevin is from the Pampa in Argentina and has a very bright future in polo. Kevin is a fanatical River Plate fan and better than Wikipedia for football knowledge.

  • Sambulo Mangena
    Horse Trainer

    Sambulo is hoping to return to Oxford Polo.

    Having travelled to England from his home country of Zimbabwe for the past four summer seasons he has become an integral part of the Oxford Polo Team. Sambulo has worked in polo for many years both in Zimbabwe and South Africa and has gained great knowledge for horse care and management.

  • James Hiatt

    A great guy to have around and excellent with the horses. Shoeing horses in fundamental to horses soundness and performance. James knows all of our horses and shoes them to their specific needs. James can be found on the yard every Tuesday. If not underneath a horse he is on top of one tearing around he hunting field or in the Alps skiing. Coffee: white 1 sugar, every 15 minutes!

  • Helen Van Tuyll, BVSC MRCVS

    Helen and her team at VT Vets have been an great addition to the Oxford Polo organisation. With our increased efforts to breed quality polo ponies her expertise in equine reproduction are invaluable. Helen has extensive experience and knowledge in breeding, foaling, neonatal foals and broodmares, as well as artificial breeding and embryo transfers of sport horses. The 2017 season will see VT Vets open their own clinic on site at our summer base Kirtlington Park Polo Club.

  • George Deverall
    Apprentice Professional

    George will be joining Oxford Polo this summer to start his career as a polo professional player. George has come through the ranks at Oxford Polo and Kirtlington Park Polo Club and has decided that polo is going to be his career. George will be helping out in all facets of the business so that he can develop the skills required to become a top professional.

  • Trust Mangena
    Horse Trainer

    Trust, Sambulo’s younger brother started at Oxford Polo in March 2016 and is hoping to return for the 2017 season.