The Oxford Polo School’s fully qualified team offer several options for individuals and groups, ensuring that you receive the correct coaching that suits your skill level and ability. Our wide variety of horses are suited to all levels, from complete beginners to professionals, so no previous riding experience is needed. All necessary equipment is available for lessons and is included within the price.


Private Lessons are designed to give specific One to One coaching which is tailored to you. One to One coaching allows you to develop specific skills in a high-quality learning environment ensuring maximum improvement. The One to One tutoring allows the participant to work on specific areas of their game and have one hundred percent of the coaches attention.


We run group lessons and training sessions every week for all levels, from beginners to positive handicap players. Group lessons are exceptionally well suited to team practices and offer the chance to train together as a team. Whether you are a private group of friends or a team, a group lesson not only improves your game but builds a fun friendly atmosphere amongst the group. What can be better than sharing your polo experience with friends?


The Oxford Polo School tailors instructional chukkas to your ability.

Beginners Chukkas- Once you are ready to make the step up from lessons, controlled instructional chukkas can be arranged allowing you to learn more about the game and tactics of the sport. Our coaches will play alongside to offer advice, encouragement and maintain a safe environment.

Advanced Chukkas – Being the next level up from beginner chukkas you take the final steps towards match and tournament polo. You will learn about playing at higher speeds and in a slightly more competitive environment. More advanced tactics and skills will be developed during these chukkas whilst playing with our coaches and professional players.